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Beetle Turbo

The Beetle Makes an Astounding Comeback

Everybody is excited about the new look that the Beetle will be sporting this year. The new Beetle Turbo is glossier and sportier, with creased sheet metal and a lowered roofline, so unlike its tubby predecessor. At long last, there is a Beetle that looks more masculine yet retains its cute, unassuming look. In addition, even though the roof is considerably lower now, the headroom is still amazingly ample with enough headspace to fly a big kite.
The interior of the Volkswagen is amazingly uncomplicated and the sun visors are still there, adding to the retro-like appearance of the car. For those who like great sound, you will definitely fall in love with the Turbo Beetle because it has got some kick ass Fender audio system and while the interface seems a bit complicated (no problem with the techies), you can surely get used to it in no time at all.
The power train of the new Beetle will make you drool with pleasure as you manage your sharp turns and maneuver on those curves with its easy shifts and timely revs. The entire chassis complements the engine weight and the tires so that you almost do not feel a thing on the bumps and the gutters. Gone is the old air-cooled Beetle and in comes the re-engineered Volkswagen of our time.
Aside from the new look, let us talk about performance. The new VW Beetle is powered with the 200 horsepower 2.0 liter VW engine. What I like most about the old Beetle is that it is so quick to react off the line yet it does not leave you hanging when you are trying to make short stops and hustles.  That astounding capability is still present in the new VW Beetle. You can buy the standard six-speed manual transmission but there are other variations as well.
I even tried revving the engine while cruising and the engine did it without much of an effort, thanks to the unique engineering design of the VW engine. With its dual clutch transmission, you can feel the almost seamless shifts inside the gearbox. The six speed manual is cheaper by over a thousand dollars than the other model.
Everybody knows that the Beetle is perfect in grip even on sharp turns and the new Turbo Beetle once again proved the car worthy of its name. Although there is a noticeable amount of lean when doing the turn-ins at the corner, the car simply plants itself firmly to the ground and holds its line.