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Geneva’s Motor Show

Infiniti Gives Glimpses on their New Sports Car Concept

Infiniti gives auto journalists and sports car lovers a sample of what to expect and see at Geneva’s Motor Show in March 2012. Infiniti’s Boss of advanced product planning Francois Bancon commented that their new car concept is the best and the most balanced way to spread out weight and attain a high level of performance as well as handling.
Although Infiniti is not releasing much information on their latest sport car concept many car enthusiasts predicted that it would run along having a 1.2 litre petrol engine and would definitely run on electric power and guesses are also up to that the car would have to be another plug-in hybrid. The power train is still framed to the concept of the car but it will most likely to take on Infiniti’s future design direction.

Infiniti previews new sports car concept for Geneva 2012

Observers predicts that we can expect Infiniti to give us something as charming as the Essence Concept with the usual flairs of trick doors, excess slats and vents for cooling the batteries. Infiniti is putting everybody in the wait and see atmosphere.
Infiniti’s Vice President Andy Palmer claimed that the sport car is all about proving on what to come next. He promised to make the waiting ends at Geneva’s Motor Show, as Infiniti will present their vision for a totally fresh idea of this inspired high performance car. He also added that soon an all -electric sedan will make a debut on the market and the natural reaction of course is to push all the limits where performance and the environment cause intersect. He reminded everybody that Infiniti’s first EV is basically a NIssan Leaf EV.
Infiniti, trying to tease everybody with its latest and new sport car had released the first official photo of the sport car on January 11, 2012. They have also released news video Of Infiniti’s vice president Andy Palmer discussing their new sports car concept. Another video of Infiniti’s big man on Advanced Products Planning Francois Bancon has him telling all about what to expect and know on their new sports car concept.
Infiniti bosses are confident that their new sports car will be another additional success for the company. Just like in the past, Infiniti has proven to be the car makers to beat when it comes to innovations and styling. They’re hoping that with the public’s interest on cars bouncing back their new sports car will be the ultimate car for 2012.