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Automobile news is becoming a talk of the town nowadays keeping the road deserted to the latest car models. The car industry manifolds the breakthrough from installation of hand gadgets for driving convenience to modernizing the pinnacle of mechanical engines. If cellphones are competitive enough to dominate the advancement of electronic engineering, then automotive discipline also hurdles tougher in the market.

General Motors automobile mural

General Motors automobile mural (Photo credit: Toban Black)

Forget about reading newsletter across car magazines and newspapers when you are just a click away from accessing the world of car encyclopedia in the internet. Rather than wasting your money from buying magazines from nearby bookstores and dumping them in the trash after stacking a pile of it at home, you can log-in through auto websites anytime at your convenience. Many websites offer updates in all aspects of automotive from designs, financial issue in exports, competitive markets of brands and latest speculations that you may not be aware of.

Leftlanenews.com previews anything that you want to know about car niche. Headlines capture attention of viewers to read recent reviews, photos and editorials. Basically, the site is a member of the Jumpstart Automotive Group as their fulfillment to a warm acknowledgment. It features car models that will generate the future of high-performance electric cars, exclusive updates of on-going car makers, videos and online shopping for car investors.

General Motors automobile mural

The main headlines of the site reveals TESLA Model X as of February 12 this year that startled viewers about its exterior as well as the engine’s outstanding horsepower function. Still under observation and running test drives, the company gave a sneak peek preview in its overall speculations. So far, the body type displays a SUV or a crossover style. Since the engines are powered by battery, the package includes 60 kWh and 85 kWh ones. What’s even more shocking is that the mileage speed of Model X can accelerate to 60 mph in less than 4.5 seconds. Doors are opened upward as it appears like you are riding in a back-to-the-future vehicle. However, critics raised concern about parking this vehicle in public parking space as it may require additional width limits.

In the same website content, another recent news unwrapping a phenomenal invention that is not commonly found in European’s vehicle – steam-powered car. We may assume it odd but for this Swiss man by the name of Pascal Prokob, he considers it a true art. His idea came about when he decided to replace the passenger seat into a stove heater to keep him warm in the winter climate. A miniature chimney is installed to link the pipes out of the vehicle. Think twice before you even blame the weather for his new invention; just may be that could be the next trend in the future of automobiles in Europe someday.