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Auto Sales Growth of Malaysia to be Expected this 2011 

Rapid growth of auto sales was expected to take place this year after waging graphical data done by experts in Kuala Lumpur of the Malaysian territory.  As the estimated cost created by statisticians of Auto sales in Malaysia, they have expected a fall of zero point nine (0.9%) bracket in auto sales but also expected to turn things back to the same this year. A rough estimate of 2.5 percentages will be bound to achieve by the country. The industrial group was confident that auto sales would be brought back successfully in their robust and domestic economy.

A total of 599,877 sales in vehicles were disrupted due to the malevolent earthquake in Japan after production last year not to mention the devastation of the March tsunami that lowered sales. The MAA (Malaysian Automotive Association) said that due to this calamities including the crippling floods that happened in Thailand took everything down including the auto production with a rough estimate of six percent starting in the year 2010. The harsh event lowered sale in Thailand and Japan, which are both the key manufacturing hubs for autos.

Due to the disasters, auto dilemma disrupted the rich production of new motors and lowered the sales for motored vehicles ranging from 2nd and 4th quarter if the year 2011. According to Aishah Ahmad the president of the association, the forecast of sales growth of roughly 2.5 % was expected to happen this year of 2011 because of the expected expansion of Malaysian economy, which would be about 4.8%. The association grouped by about forty car distributors and manufacturers projected the rise of sales of 615,000 vehicles for this 2012 including a surge of 669,600 expected in the coming 2016.

Aisha stated that the taking over by Proton a national carmaker of local conglomerate is the perfect move in recovery of auto sales. Honda, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen assembler and distributor DRB-Hicom stated that Monday is the day that they would purchase over the Proton national carmaker at about three billion ringgit or $957 million. This way, the deal will greatly help in the revival of the Proton’s fortunes. The particular event will take place for the reason of improving Proton’s technology, styling and image. Due to fierce completion Proton which was one of the road kings, sees that its market itself continuous to dwindle. Perodua overtook Proton, which was the Malaysian’s car best sellers of 2006 and retained its kingship back in the year 2011 with of course a 30% market shares.