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Nissan Juke: Touted as the Urban Proof of the Super minis
Nissan Juke, considered as the most extreme and the smallest member of the Nissan’s range of crossover cars is touted as the “urban proof” among the other super mini cars of today. We have tried to see the car ourselves and had seen it lined up with other four cars occupying the same amount of space fiscally and physically. Nissan Juke

The Cube shares its space with the Juke; the Note is a little different from its siblings known as B-segments; the Thick C Pillar hampers visibility. The scattershot strategy conducted shows that Nissan Juke actually deserves to be called as such.

The Nissan Juke sits on a similar platform like the Cube and Note. The three are all within 155 millimeters of their lengths. The Tiida on the other hand sits on a similar space that is extended and this has also formed Micra’s basis. This gives us the point of view that their corresponding characters make them different from one another.
There was a point in time that the Cube has been described by the car’s designer as a car that seems to stand still even when it’s moving. However, the Nissan Juke’s chest that is puffed out, glass house that seems to look like a turret and rear tail that looks like a boat are enough reasons for this car model to compete with the other larger bullies.

As of this car’s aesthetic appeal, Nissan Juke comes with a terrific appeal at the kerbside, which can never be unmistakable, even in the traffic or even when it is being driven by. The car’s DRG is stratified and its blister lamps fender top is considered as something unique in the see of different cars.

The car’s rear elevation is much better along with its lamp graphics, which emphasize the car’s bustle butt and wide hips. Even the Jude’s lower bumper does not spoil the SUV vibe. Many would claim that this flamboyance level hasn’t been accessed before until now.

Nissan Jude’s center console, which has been “motorcycle inspired” and its driving fin cards for its doors, are definitely positioned in the right lines but they give the feeling of being tokenistic and they can’t be seen when you are driving.

So, for those people out there who are looking for a car, which they can brag to other then the Nissan Jude is a great choice for them.