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The Most Recent Auto News

Recently, Porsche made an announcement of their new SUV called the Macan. It will be launched by next year replacing its predecessor named Cajun.  The 2013 Porsche SUV will be manufactured at Porsche’s Leipzig factory.  According to the statement, the new Porsche SUV will be a smaller version of the world’s best-selling Cayenne model. The Stuttgart-based company is set to introduce their 5th model line after the successful models such as the Panamera 4-door Coupe, 911, Cayenne, and Boxster Roadster. Porsche’s officials said that by 2018, they are aiming for an annual sales increase by producing around 200,000 units in this alone. One of the major highlights of the new Porsche SUV is the combination of a sports car and SUV concept that are integrated in this upcoming model next year. The Porsche Macan is coming.Video
Meanwhile, Renault recently reported that a new Mercedes-based luxury car is in its early stages of development. The concept is basically based from Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz platform where the main goal is to increase its offerings in that section. On the other hand, Renault is continuously studying the viability of the new product in the market. This latest development is considered to be the 3rd luxury model that was planned for a Mercedes-based automobile. According to reports, the production of the new model is going to be done in France for the entire period. The whole concept will be the combination of the Renaults design while incorporating the Daimler’s platform through the whole process. Renault said that they have a lot of plans in the future. In fact, the 2014 Escape minivan is on their top list and a new luxury sedan for the following year. The partnership of Daimler and Renault started in 2010 with the manufacturing of new engines and mini cars in the market.
In other news, the new Kia model called the Cee’d compact car is getting a quality boost with its Audi-style interior. The Cee’d Kia model will be showcasing a mix of sporty touches, as well as the Audi-style details for the car’s interior. This new Kia is set to be introduced in the upcoming Geneva Auto Show next month. The Cee’d Hatchback will be available in the summer in most European countries. The concept of the new model is the combination of prestige and enhanced maturity that completes the entire package. One of the major highlights of the new Kia is the aggressive front design with its very own tiger nose grille that is truly exceptional.