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U.S. Audi Chief Johan de Nysschen Resigns

After eight years working as the president of Audi US, Johan de Nysschen leaves his position for a new job that is yet to be known. Until the replacement comes, COO Mark Del Rosso will handle the company’s everyday operation.  Upon breaking the news to the public, the resignation immediately takes effect.
Many who have heard the news are surprised because Audi has just announced a 10% increase in its sales last month. On a more specific note, the car company sold more than 11,000 units. According to the records, it is the best May for Audi US. It is also their fifth best month in the market, ever.
The 52 year-old Nysschen started working as the boss for Audi US in 2004. Also, he held top positions for the company when it was brought to Japan and South Africa, his native land. During his time, the company was able to see a significant growth in its sales and image awareness. We can remember that Audi became a key player in commercials for Super Bowl. In 2011 alone, Audi’s piece of cake from the luxury market grew from 5.3% to 9.5%.
In his email to the workers for Audi, he explained that the twists and turns that fill up life can bring a person in to an unexpected conjuncture.  In this instance, what he believes to happen in real life is happening to him. He also said that Audi has been his car since 1973, and would have never imagined not having Audi in the center of his life.
Nysschen made it clear that his resignation has nothing to do with the reorganization of senior positions in the company. His reason for leaving is related to a realization about the future leadership that Audi needs. He believes that a new leadership will help the company become the most inspirational car brand in the US. According to him, Audi is in a new inflection point in the continuous progress of the brand in the United States and this new tone demands a leadership that has new philosophies and insights that are more appropriate for this new phase.
Although he wanted Audi to win, he needed to secure his life too. He said that he must play according to his strengths and look for a new “construction site.” Such opportunity has been presented to him this time, and he is ready to face new challenges.