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Volks Caravelle

Volks Caravelle Business-Volkswagen Caravelle Transformation

If there’s one big transformation event, Volkswagen Caraville Business or Transporter 5 is a big winner. What used to be the favorite ride of the 50’s hippies and the happy-go lucky people of the 70’s, this Volkswagen transporter T2 has transformed into a high-tech hub for the executives who loves the luxury of the modern car technology.

What used to be a big symbol of life, peace and love, Volkswagen Caravelle business is now a symbol of luxury and high-end living that is associated with executives circles. It is a conference room on the wheels complete with 5+1 Nappa leather seats and a table and Wi-Fi internet connectivity and Bluetooth. The Caravelle transporter 5 has a standard mid-row swivels that accommodates power point focused meeting plus inserts of burr woods in every corner or nook. To ensure passenger’s safety, there’s plenty of curtain airbags. You can’t call it a homey without a homey food so in between its rear end seats, the fridge is there to keep all food and drinks stuff.