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Volvo Trucks

Good but Choppy 2012 for Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks is predicting that year 2012 will be a good but choppy year for the company after reporting a three points increased in North American retail market share class 8 for 2011. The prediction is based on Wardsauto Group data that indicated a significant growth in its North America market share.  
The reported increased showed that Volvo has a new high market share of 12.1% in 2011 representing the largest gain for any OEM. Volvo also managed to registered growth in its Canadian and US retail sales with 12,100 units compare to 23,820 units for 2011. In addition, its own engines and I-Shift automated transmission has successfully penetrated the market reaching a new high record of 80% and 40%.
The strong year prediction has put some bluster into Volvo which has been consistently branded as a moderate brand.
Ron Huibers, Volvo president of North American sales and marketing said that Volvo trucks are quite pleased with their accomplishments and happy with where they are today. He also added that the good market share is the measure of Volvo’s performance and they’ve a record level for that and they are more excited to what they have to give for their customers.
Although still quiet as to the details of what Volvo has in -stored for 2012, the company expresses that its strong concentration on integration with be its driving force in moving forward.
Huiber clarified that it’s not integration alone but they’ve integrated. The pointed out that the biggest example of company’s integration strategy’s success is the successful penetration of I-shift automated transmission in the market share and its steady rise over the years. 
He added that while many costumers have not experienced I-shift but once they do, they virtually get hooked. He said this foretells their future.
Products enhancement that was introduced in early part of 2011 contributed to its success most especially the redesigned hood-mounted mirrors which gave improved aerodynamics and visibility and resulted to a 67% increased in take rate after its introduction in 20111. Magnus Koeck, vice president of marketing and brand management for Volvo added that the new lightweight fifth wheel that was developed with Fontaine and with Bluetooth standard also works well for Volvo.
2011 was a big year for Volvo and Koeck added that Volvo’s products introduction has been successful with their customer. All of their hard works has paid off while Huibers concluded that Volvo has worked well with its new auto-hauler, being a purpose built truck and it’s taking off quite successfully for Volvo.