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The Testing of the Segway like Winglet by Toyota Begins in Japan

Toyota has been coming up with various kinds of innovative machines very frequently. Not only high performance cars by the company have also made great contributions to the market by manufacturing small utility vehicles. They have tried out various experiments with the wheels. The main aim of the company is to manufacture safe vehicles. This will increase the mobility of the common people to a great extent.

The current scenario

There are many people have kept themselves away from driving vehicles because they think that will commit some kind of accident. But the motor car manufacturing companies like Toyota have been always concerned with the safety of the people who are riding their vehicles. The individuals and other companies have been always in search of small vehicles that would help them in moving around their campus. Keeping this in mind Toyota is planning to come with a two-wheeled vehicle. This will resemble a Segway.

Facts about the vehicle

The company first announced the launch of this vehicle almost five years ago.
Various questions have arisen about the speed of the vehicle. It is able to offer a top speed of just four miles per hour. Thus the company is trying their best to improve the speed of this small vehicle. Once that is done there will be no question regarding the productivity of the vehicle.
The Winglet was announced by Toyota in 2008. Since that time the vehicle was put to various kinds of testing in the streets of Japan. Even the public was allowed to use it.
The vehicle has been appreciated by many because it provides ease of mobility and safety to the person driving it.

This fun vehicle can be used to travel almost six miles with a single charge. The battery does not take more than an hour to get recharged again.