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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Custom Style Spoilers

You purchased your vehicle because it’s fast, it’s visually appealing and you love it.  But you still want to improve its looks and performance, so you’re always on the look-out for better fitments and accessories. Factory style spoilers are one such accessory that would really make your car look like one from the movies like The Fast and the Furious. If you’re a fan of the fast cars in such movies, you no doubt have already thought about adding this part to your car.

Volvo Reveals New Life-saving Safety Tech

Volvo has discovered its first details of platform which strengthens its next-generation mid-sized & large cars and enables integration of its latest safety technology. It has revealed raft of innovations which is available in new XC90 SUV. The company has maintained the reputation for being on cutting edge of safety technology.  This all new Volvo car enables petrol, diesel, hybrid and other electronic power trains to be mounted in any fixed location.

Scaleable Product Architecture (SPA) makes it also possible for Volvo to establish newest safety ideas. There are four different safety technologies included which ensures that no-one will be killed or get seriously injured in one of its cars. This unique XC90 SUV will able to detect as well as avoid pedestrians at night. It automatically gets slow down when large animals step into its path and also prevent driver from traveling off the road or hitting a barrier. Its convenient and unique steering wheel helps you to simply maintain the position in dense traffic.

The all-new Volvo XC90 SUV

It comes with advance systems which help you to avoid low-speed collisions. It also has highly sensitive camera with advanced exposure control as well as new radar support.

This uniquely designed car comes with night-time pedestrian detection system which intelligently integrates autonomous braking from dusk to dawn which automatically minimizes risk of hitting a pedestrian.

Its animal detection system decreases Volvo’s speed to such a level where drivers have an opportunity to avoid injury.

Its new steer-assist function as well as adaptive cruise control enables the driver to easily push the button and car to follow another car in front of it in same lane at low speeds.

The new XC90 is among the first vehicles which use car-to-car communication by using transmitters and road infrastructure like traffic lights as well as road signs.

These days its road edge and barrier detection system intelligently spots whenever this all about to happen. The users will also get advice driver to maintain speed in order to avoid red traffic lights and also issue alerts whenever emergency vehicles are forthcoming. Make use of relevant information from cars to get notification of imminent dangerous road conditions.

Seventeen People Get Injured at the Super Car Race Venue in Poland

Car racing has been one of the most popular events among the people throughout the world. Whenever there is a show of racing cars it has been seen that the galleries are packed with audience.Screen-Shot-2013 The excitement is boosted when it comes to the racing of super cars. The whole place is filled with the sound of the raging cars and the people shouting with excitement. But mishaps can happen at these places too. Such an incident recently took place in Poland. The accident injured at least 17 people. The incident happened when a driver lost the control of his vehicle and crashed into the audience. He was driving a Koenigsegg. The driver was driving his car at great speed through a road that was closed off. The road was too close to the people who have come to see the super cars race. Suddenly the car hit a curb and jumped into a group of people. It spun about 180 degrees before it landed over the spectators. There were even children in the group.

Poland Car Show AccidentLet’s have an overview of the whole incident that took place.

Reports that came from the spot of accident said that almost seventeen to nineteen people were injured. Among them four people are fighting with death.
Five among those who were admitted to the hospital have been released after giving primary treatment. The remaining who are still admitted in the hospital, now out of danger and are in a stable condition.
The best thing is that no deaths have been caused due to the incident.
The driver who is responsible for the incident has been interrogated by the Polish authorities. He has confirmed that he has experience in driving sports cars.

The reason behind the crash is being investigated is being investigated by the authorities.