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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Advise for Apple to Buy Tesla

Say whether it is Google, apple or yahoo or some other wealthy company which has been gaining lot of popularity over past few years in the tech world.  There are so many startups as well which have been proved to be tough competition. Telsa is one such company which is quit more in demand. However, the news has come up that the Andaan Ahmad who is an investment along with the German bank has reputed Apple Company to buy this company and make it as a part of the family.
More about Telsa
It is a basic startup that gained popularity in a great manner
The company worked best in the business model
It has been surviving in the market since 2003
Why Apple to take over Telsa?
However, looking at the record which has been made by the analyst, it seems that they are looking forward to hand over to the well renowned company Apple.
Though, these rumors have recently launched, it seems, that getting this company would benefit in lot much positive manner to the Apple Company itself. Being one of the most powerful companies, so far apple has made good decision and if Telsa joins this powerful company, then Telsa will soon become the best of the company that has retails experience.
Looking at the growth and improvement which the company has been showing over the past few years, it is expected that if apple deiced to take it up, the company will soon be on the top of the success ladder. All we can hope is that the Apple take the suggestion given by analyst and bring the company on top and enjoy good revenue in return as well. After all, what changes come in tech world tomorrow is not known.