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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Don’t Miss Out the Amazing F1 Evolution Video


Yes you have heard it right, the evolution of F1 Formula speed racing car is soon going to launch. Stay tuned to watch out the amazing video on how this concept if going to get released. Formula 1 is one of the best and the ultimate test drive car that you can come across. It needs the best combination of men and machine which will make it worth to drive faster and win the race. Speed is something that you cannot expect to compromise with specially if it is related to Formula 1. Hence, revel out this mysterious evolution. Once you will see this video, you will get answer for all the questions that have been keeping you in mystery from a long time. So get going and grab more information about the revolution this car.
What makes it so Popular
This speed racing car has been travelling across the five continents and has always ensured that the global television audiences gets the best view of it. Not only the drivers, but this car has attracted the attention of engineers and the designers as well.
It comes with the latest technology which has proved out to be the best at the competitive edge.
Evolution gained more popularity in 80’s since then it has started coming more and more in much better technologies.
As the popularity of formula one racing was one of the reasons, evolution also started gaining more attention.
This car represented the speed, technical excellence and glamor of course. Looking at such a great success of evolution and formula one, world leading companies that are in the field of telecommunication, economy and many more have been investing in such racing car. It is also considered as the symbol of excellence and speed, and is said to be the best example of sporting excellence. So what are you waiting for? Grab the best opportunity to watch out the glimpse of this amazing car and enjoy the video of how this baby runs on the road.

Next Ford Edge to Launch in LA Soon

Yes! The good news has finally come up. Earlier not so popular car which later tremendously bought changes in its technology will soon be launching globally. Thinking about which can am I talking about. It’s none other than the new Ford Edge Though the car was popular earlier but there were some of the technical issues which the car had come up which made it quote annoying. However, now here is the good news. The car is back in action.
More about Ford Edge
Earlier the car was launched in 2011. However, it did not get much attention in previous years due to some other competition and technical issues as well. However, now the car is all ready to poll out with extremely new concept. It will be first launched in LA for the first look. Car freaks you need to have some more patience to watch out for this amazing concept that I am sure will set back other cars soon. The first look of the car is expected to be arrived in the February.
More about the car
This mid- size cross rover SUV car is designed and manufactured by Ford and is said be one of the finest example of the good design and food technology so far. When this car was released, there were few of the other cars released for its competition like the Edge and Mazda CX-9 which gained more popularity than this car.
Know the features
Four- and six-cylinder engines
All-wheel drive
It comes in SE, SEL, Limited and Sport tri
Freestyle and fashionable too
Excellent handling
Audio input jack
A 3.7-liter V6
Single-zone air conditioning system
With so many features the car is expected to launch soon by the year 2015 in the market globally along with few more changes and addition. Let us hope for the best from this car in optimistic way. Certainly, it would set a fine example of flair driving machine that would be launched in the market. Fingers crooked for its new release. The car is first expected to be released in all Europe global market.