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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Dorman Replacement Parts

No true car enthusiast will settle for low or even average quality of spares, which is why it is not surprising that quite often choosing a perfect detail for your vehicle takes weeks. That is also the reason why once you find a reliable manufacturer, you will most likely stick to it no matter what. If you are one the unfortunate ones, who still did not have a chance to find an auto spare company that can be trusted, you are about to get lucky.

Here you will find some general preliminary information about Dorman, a reliable car details supplier, offering you the widest range of spares for a variety of car makes. The company has been one the most popular and trusted auto detail manufactures since 1918, providing their customers with the best combination of high quality and reasonable price.

dorman products


The company offers you an impressive range of interior accessories. Their product line includes practically everything – from steering wheels to floor mats. Each item is a careful combination of quality and style, durability and efficiency, design and reliability. The widest selection of seat covers, made of leather, suede, or camouflage; stainless illuminated door sills; aluminum or wood dash kits; racing, leather, or wood steering wheels – the interior section of the site has it all! For the full list of items, check out http://www.dormanproducts.com/ – the manufacturer’s website.


Dorman parts, whether interior or exterior, are a representation of the highest quality and supreme efficiency. For years now, the company has been working on the constant, never-ceasing, improvement of their technology to keep their goods in full accord with the highest American and international standards. On the company website you can purchase any exterior item, no matter how big or small. Their choice of bumpers, deflectors, grilles, body kits, spoilers, flares and side mirrors is truly impressive. Plus, this preliminary list does not even begin to describe the full selection of goods that can be purchased on the manufacturer’s website.

Wheels and Tires

Everyone knows how crucial these components are. To ensure the best driving experience, you should look for a perfect fit, which is not that easy to find. Fortunately, when you purchase a Dorman product, you stay completely confident in its durability and close fit on the road. You can select wheels and tires by vehicle, by size, by model – in other words, choosing one of Dorman items is as nice and easy as using it after the purchase! A huge selection of alloy, forged, custom wheels; season, all-season and off-road tires is a true paradise for any car expert.


It does not matter whether you want to change a couple of broken lamps, or get a new stylish halo upgrade to your vehicle. On the website of this American manufacturer you will find plenty of front, rear, and side turn lighting types. The variety of available shapes, makes and colors is truly impressive – in fact, it is so impressive that scanning through this selection will prove an amazing time even if you are not looking to replace anything. Interior and exterior lighting, envy-provoking ‘angel eyes’ – this company truly has everything in stock!

Replacement details

Dorman replacement parts can truly be trusted. Each item is a warranty of a perfect fit, quality and usability. Whether you need to change a bulb, or replace your fuel tank, you can totally rely on this American manufacturer in terms of high quality, efficiency and style. The company offers you a huge variety of spare parts for a vast range of car makes, including Toyota, Dodge, Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, Mazda, and many more. Regardless of your make and year of production, you will be able to find any detail in no time!

Featured products

Dorman details are also available at CARiD.com website. You can see a full list of items by Dorman at http://www.carid.com/dorman/. One of the advantages of purchasing Dorman items on CARiD website is that they regularly introduce special offers, featuring high quality goods at low prices. Do not miss your chance to purchase the highest quality item at the best price! Plus, sometimes you can get an extra spare as an addition to your main purchase, thus, paying $0 for the second item.

Major advantages of the manufacturer

  • Established reputation in the automotive market
  • High quality and durability of every detail
  • A range of tests to ensure maximum quality of each item
  • Affordable cost
  • User-friendly navigation and ordering system
  • On-time delivery (within 72 hours or less)
  • Warranty with every item