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Next Ford Edge to Launch in LA Soon

Yes! The good news has finally come up. Earlier not so popular car which later tremendously bought changes in its technology will soon be launching globally. Thinking about which can am I talking about. It’s none other than the new Ford Edge Though the car was popular earlier but there were some of the technical issues which the car had come up which made it quote annoying. However, now here is the good news. The car is back in action.
More about Ford Edge
Earlier the car was launched in 2011. However, it did not get much attention in previous years due to some other competition and technical issues as well. However, now the car is all ready to poll out with extremely new concept. It will be first launched in LA for the first look. Car freaks you need to have some more patience to watch out for this amazing concept that I am sure will set back other cars soon. The first look of the car is expected to be arrived in the February.
More about the car
This mid- size cross rover SUV car is designed and manufactured by Ford and is said be one of the finest example of the good design and food technology so far. When this car was released, there were few of the other cars released for its competition like the Edge and Mazda CX-9 which gained more popularity than this car.
Know the features
Four- and six-cylinder engines
All-wheel drive
It comes in SE, SEL, Limited and Sport tri
Freestyle and fashionable too
Excellent handling
Audio input jack
A 3.7-liter V6
Single-zone air conditioning system
With so many features the car is expected to launch soon by the year 2015 in the market globally along with few more changes and addition. Let us hope for the best from this car in optimistic way. Certainly, it would set a fine example of flair driving machine that would be launched in the market. Fingers crooked for its new release. The car is first expected to be released in all Europe global market.

Advise for Apple to Buy Tesla

Say whether it is Google, apple or yahoo or some other wealthy company which has been gaining lot of popularity over past few years in the tech world.  There are so many startups as well which have been proved to be tough competition. Telsa is one such company which is quit more in demand. However, the news has come up that the Andaan Ahmad who is an investment along with the German bank has reputed Apple Company to buy this company and make it as a part of the family.
More about Telsa
It is a basic startup that gained popularity in a great manner
The company worked best in the business model
It has been surviving in the market since 2003
Why Apple to take over Telsa?
However, looking at the record which has been made by the analyst, it seems that they are looking forward to hand over to the well renowned company Apple.
Though, these rumors have recently launched, it seems, that getting this company would benefit in lot much positive manner to the Apple Company itself. Being one of the most powerful companies, so far apple has made good decision and if Telsa joins this powerful company, then Telsa will soon become the best of the company that has retails experience.
Looking at the growth and improvement which the company has been showing over the past few years, it is expected that if apple deiced to take it up, the company will soon be on the top of the success ladder. All we can hope is that the Apple take the suggestion given by analyst and bring the company on top and enjoy good revenue in return as well. After all, what changes come in tech world tomorrow is not known.

The First of the Legends Series, the Grand Sport Vitesse Jean-Pierre Wimille is Here

Bugatti unveiled their lasted addition to the many variations of the Buggatti Veyron at Pebble Peach on August 16th 2013. The Concours d’Elegance event showcased the newest Grand Sport Vitesse Jean-Pierre Wimille Legend Edition. 
This particular car was modeled on the original Grand Sport Vitesse, which as everyone knows is obviously the convertible adaptation of the Grand Sport. Paying tribute to Jean-Pierre Wimille, winner of the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1937, the Bugatti is painted over in blue hues replicating the colors of his Bugatti Type 57G Tank racers. The two-tone color scheme is followed up with the interiors, which have contrast stitching. The gear lever and steering are exceptions in red, white and blue commending to Wimille’s nationality.
What makes the car even more unique is the signature of Wimille on the headrest, a silhouette of the Le Mans race circuit engraved into the aluminum center box and “Les Lengendes de Bugatti,” along with Wimille signature on a unique logo on the door sill plates.
This is the first of six-parts Legends edition, “Les Legendes de Bugatti,” that Buggati plans to launch to honor the renowned names that played a fundamental role is the history of the company and helped create the brand. The other six cars will be unveiled one by one over the span of the coming twelve months. Only three examples of each of the six cars are going to be for sale though the prices haven’t been revealed yet.
This Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse was brought out and placed next to the original Tank. The entire body of the car is made from carbon fiber instead of the hand beaten aluminum on Tank. The internals of the car remained unchanged as compared to the Grand Sport with 1,106 lb-ft of torque, quad-turbocharged 8.0L W16 good for 1,200hp with a seven-speed dual-Dutch automatic.

Volvo Reveals New Life-saving Safety Tech

Volvo has discovered its first details of platform which strengthens its next-generation mid-sized & large cars and enables integration of its latest safety technology. It has revealed raft of innovations which is available in new XC90 SUV. The company has maintained the reputation for being on cutting edge of safety technology.  This all new Volvo car enables petrol, diesel, hybrid and other electronic power trains to be mounted in any fixed location.

Scaleable Product Architecture (SPA) makes it also possible for Volvo to establish newest safety ideas. There are four different safety technologies included which ensures that no-one will be killed or get seriously injured in one of its cars. This unique XC90 SUV will able to detect as well as avoid pedestrians at night. It automatically gets slow down when large animals step into its path and also prevent driver from traveling off the road or hitting a barrier. Its convenient and unique steering wheel helps you to simply maintain the position in dense traffic.

The all-new Volvo XC90 SUV

It comes with advance systems which help you to avoid low-speed collisions. It also has highly sensitive camera with advanced exposure control as well as new radar support.

This uniquely designed car comes with night-time pedestrian detection system which intelligently integrates autonomous braking from dusk to dawn which automatically minimizes risk of hitting a pedestrian.

Its animal detection system decreases Volvo’s speed to such a level where drivers have an opportunity to avoid injury.

Its new steer-assist function as well as adaptive cruise control enables the driver to easily push the button and car to follow another car in front of it in same lane at low speeds.

The new XC90 is among the first vehicles which use car-to-car communication by using transmitters and road infrastructure like traffic lights as well as road signs.

These days its road edge and barrier detection system intelligently spots whenever this all about to happen. The users will also get advice driver to maintain speed in order to avoid red traffic lights and also issue alerts whenever emergency vehicles are forthcoming. Make use of relevant information from cars to get notification of imminent dangerous road conditions.

Seventeen People Get Injured at the Super Car Race Venue in Poland

Car racing has been one of the most popular events among the people throughout the world. Whenever there is a show of racing cars it has been seen that the galleries are packed with audience.Screen-Shot-2013 The excitement is boosted when it comes to the racing of super cars. The whole place is filled with the sound of the raging cars and the people shouting with excitement. But mishaps can happen at these places too. Such an incident recently took place in Poland. The accident injured at least 17 people. The incident happened when a driver lost the control of his vehicle and crashed into the audience. He was driving a Koenigsegg. The driver was driving his car at great speed through a road that was closed off. The road was too close to the people who have come to see the super cars race. Suddenly the car hit a curb and jumped into a group of people. It spun about 180 degrees before it landed over the spectators. There were even children in the group.

Poland Car Show AccidentLet’s have an overview of the whole incident that took place.

Reports that came from the spot of accident said that almost seventeen to nineteen people were injured. Among them four people are fighting with death.
Five among those who were admitted to the hospital have been released after giving primary treatment. The remaining who are still admitted in the hospital, now out of danger and are in a stable condition.
The best thing is that no deaths have been caused due to the incident.
The driver who is responsible for the incident has been interrogated by the Polish authorities. He has confirmed that he has experience in driving sports cars.

The reason behind the crash is being investigated is being investigated by the authorities.

Get your Car Guarded with Car General Insurance

Every being own cars in this modern era where luxuries have become necessities. With people becoming more conscious about the possessions they own, the latest expensive models of cars are being in demand.  Also, the facility provided by the huge brands like Nissan, Audi and Toyota to make the purchases on the credit or instalment payment basis have made it easier for even the common men to own the cars of their dreams. However, as much as the purchasing procedure has been made convenient for the people, the maintaining cost of these braded vehicles cost a lot to the people, hence demanding lots of their investments. Nevertheless, the facility of general insurance for cars has been provided by the financing companies in every country to provide the financial relief to the people in case they encounter with any damaging situation for their cars.
Complete general car insurance
Complete car insurance consist of the protection to the cars against the accidental factors and other reasons that have been mentioned in the policy. As there are many car insurance policies that are being offered by the financial institutes to the owners of vehicles, one can choose the plan that suits his needs the most and hence claim the money at the time of any damage being caused to their cars?
These policies work as an aiding instrument and save the person from going into financial crises due to the road accidents as one simply have to pay the short instalments and then can enjoy getting the money in bulk as and when required in time of the crises related to one’s vehicle that has been insured.

Toyota’s Green Car – Perfect Solution for Rising Prices of Gas

Toyota-Camry-Hybrid-1213The rising gas prices have been an issue of concern for every household. In today’s era, where having a personal vehicle has become more of a necessity than the luxury and one can easily own the best cars available in the market through easy financial plans offered by the companies, the expenses of regular fuelling for the cars is making people worry about their monthly budgets.
If you feel that your car drinks up too much fuel and you cannot afford to drive it for your regular work purposes then replacing it with a hybrid green car would provide you the best solution. Toyota has introduced a new model in the market that can truly and genuinely be listed as the green car of the Toyota hybrid family. Toyota-Camry-Hybrid
A green car for a contented riding
The car launched by the renowned house of the Toyota is not only fuel efficient but also very spacious and great with the looks. Designed with the latest technology and keeping in consideration the styling needs to the modern generation, the car has been manufactured as a perfect combination of money efficiency and trend, thus providing you complete contentment and value for your investment. Besides, it is spacious enough for those who use their vehicles for business purposes to carry the cargo and the seats and comfortable to make the passengers relax during their journeys.
The car that has been a hit since it was first announced and has continued to impress people with its features and looks offer a complete pay back for the money that is invested in its purchase. If you are a proud Toyota owner and need some replacement or performance parts and accessories, you can find them at http://tomatrack.com/

Audi Plays Win-Win Position in the Market by Enjoying Strong Sales Ratio

Audi S3 makes it a debut in winning situation with all its power peaks. Audi s3 This car is all set to power the give lightening speed and pick-up performance with launch control functions. It also has touch-pad of the top of the main system from where you can enter numbers and alphabets.
Audi S6 – A Dashing Model from Audi
The new Audi S6 Sedan has exciting features which can allure any customer! It has refined performance which sets the driver to all new exciting era of driving. The LED elements of this car are standard rear as well as front with four exhaust pipes split into two outboard pairs.
Few things which can prove that Audi enjoys a winning position among the rest in the market:
Audi S6 C6aUK sales figure reaches a dashing number of 10, 205 up to April 2012.
Audi Q3, Q5 and Q7 models have been a great hit in the market and people have welcomes them with open hands. This is when Audi crossed threshold part of selling after just four month’s launch.
In China, on an average every third customer opts for Audi model rather than an SUV.
Asia-Pacific region enjoys two-digit growth in April i.e. it raised till 36.3% to sales of cars, in South Korea, it was 35.7 and in India, it was 37.0.
The commercials developed by Audi are indeed watched by huge audience round the globe which gives us chills just as Ram Brand’s commercial.
It has been termed as one of the leading brands which have strong demand for each of its new invention.
The new Audi air intake and exhaust system power package gives it a good deal of horses together with low exhaust emissions. Audi has new vocations coming up designed by experts, making this brand a successor in this competitive era. It’s on the way to strengthen its portfolio and also presence in world-over market. The commercials shoot out leaks out the creativity aired by them with advertising punch.

Steaming Automobile News of the United States of America

News are around us 24 hours 7 days a week but the most fascinating news about the vehicles, their designs, and new technologies are the facts we humans long to know about. All these facts emerge from one of the most renowned place i.e. the United States of America Day changes in the automobile industry, rise and falls in the techniques and many other things are conveyed to us through news. This keeps us updated and up-to-date with the happenings in the world.  Chevrolet Cruze
Skoda introduces third generation Octavia with a 4 x 4 Combi –
The latest Skoda release is available in three variants: two diesel engines of 1.6L TDI and 2L TDI and 1 petrol engine of 1.8L TSI. It also provides fuel consumptions at the rate of 4.5L/100 km and 6.7L/100 km. The 4×4 Combi has a Haldex-5 clutch fitted which is useful in saving fuel and also offering more power on the front axle. The car is going to be in the market till June 2013 with an Electronic Differential Lock (EDL).
Chevrolet launches the revamped version of Cruze E-85
Chevrolet introduces Cruze engine with new software and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) which allows the car to use pure gasoline with 85% of Ethanol. Not only this, it also has 1.8L ECOTEC overhead camshafts engine which are mated with six automatic speed transmissions. We get about 141 HP at 6200 RPM and 177 lb-ft torque, New features also include front and rear bumper, front grille, coupe-like proportions with reduced drag.
BYD to open electric bus plant in California
Finally, the Chinese automobile maker has fulfilled its dream of planting an Iron-Phosphate energy module in the California city of Lancaster, US. The electric bus also known as K9 is aimed to achieve 155 miles distance. It also focuses on initially producing 50 buses a year which would gradually increase to a 1000 buses in a decade or two.

The 2014 Mini JWC Paceman Rekindles Faith In The JCW Brand

2014  JCW Paceman 1The 2014 version of the JCW Paceman somewhat rekindled one’s faith in the John Cooper Works brand. The Paceman is a beauty of a machine and has again interested buyers into looking into the JCW portfolio after products such as the JCW Countryman threatened to almost tarnish the company. The Paceman is not only quicker and lighter than the Countryman, but also looks really good.

The Engine And Car Specifications

The JCW Paceman is fitted with the 1.6 liter 4 cylinder turbo charged engine and provides an output of 215 horsepower and 221 lb – ft of torque. 2014  JCW Paceman Added to the combination of an all wheel drive and 17 / 18 inch Pirelli Sottozero Winter 210 series 2 tires, the vehicle manages to provide a great thrill to the drivers and is also extremely smooth to drive. Moreover, the Paceman seems to thrive off the electronic assist steering which made the other models manufactured by JCW suffer. It is also able to offer much better directional stability than all other previous models. The Paceman found all across America comes with a more rigid and lower sport suspension and is still some way from the ones found in Europe which are the closest to representing an extremely dynamic powerhouse. Finally, the Paceman boasts of top speeds of 127 mph and its pliable sidewalls greatly help with noise reduction. Perfectly placed Mini Accessories and Parts from CARiD.com only elevate this authentic effect.

The Interiors Of The JCW Paceman

The interiors of the JCW Paceman have also been completely refurnished. One can now expect a cute interior giving out a sporty look with its red colored detailing. The power window switches have also been relocated to the doors and the interior feels much more functional and compact. Priced at about $36000, the Paceman has been interesting numerous buyers into buying it.