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Sales of Mid-Sized Trucks and Cars Gaining Within the US

Why did the Americans rely upon small cars?
2013 Honda FitFuel consumption is a matter of concern for many Americans. Throughout the years, they relied upon small sized cars in order to keep up with the ever-rising gas prices. However, that traditional trend appears to be reversing the passage of time. The statistics released by various automobile unions are pointing to the fact that more and more Americans now prefer to own a mid-sized sedan that offers high fuel efficiency. People hold on to the age-old conventional thought systems that big cars tend to offer low mileage. The technology incorporated into the automobile sector has been evolving throughout the many years. We now have access to large cars whose mileage we can compare with their smaller siblings.
An insight into the sales figures
The gasoline prices will remain high and it will only rise in the times to come. Toyota Yaris For the very first time, the automobile companies are reporting that they are experiencing sluggish sales with their small cars. At the same time, they are reporting a surge in the sales of the large or mid-sized cars from their stables. For the sake of illustration, the sales of the Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris fell more than seven percentage in the past few months. At the same time, the sales of mid-sized cars from the two companies rose by more than eight percentage.
The effects of improving fuel efficiency in mid-size cars
Mid-sized cars such as Ford Fusion and Honda Accord are once again finding favor in the minds of the average American. Throughout the past few years, both of the companies have done their share of homework in augmenting the mileage of both of these mid-sized cars. How does improving the fuel efficiency of their mid-sized cars enable in accelerating the overall sales?
The customers will love the fact that they are able to save their hard earned money every time they fill up their car
This ability to save money comes without any signs of compromises – such as drastic reductions in the overall size of the car
Ford FusionThere used to be a period when compact sedans were in charge. Many of the mid-sized cars that are available today boast of higher mileage than the majority of the compact sedans that are available more than five years ago. In addition, some of the later studies indicate that the consumers adapt themselves very well with the sharp rises in the gasoline prices. Previously, there existed an unthinking reaction to such sharp rises in the gasoline prices.
People do their homework before buying cars
One should also bear in mind that the sales of mid-sized trucks are also accelerating these days. A recent study indicated that the sales of mid-sized trucks rose by 10.7 percentage to 11.9 percentage during the past one year itself. Ironically, the sales of vehicles that help people to save money on gasoline reduced drastically. In fact, the sales of vehicles such as Toyota Prius fell by more than fourteen percentage according to some estimates. Automobile analysts also hold on to the opinion that people are taking much informed purchasing decisions because most of them with their share of homework on the Internet before visiting the showrooms to buy a car.

Some Of The Best Automobiles In The Lower Price Categories

With average prices of automobiles rising up to $30000 in the last year, most of us were wondering what options are available for the budgeted person.  As a result, we have listed a few options in the $15000 range. These might not get the tires to burn but feature impressive safety records as well as basic standard performance and equipment. All of these models also have proper stability controls, suspension tunings, anti lock brakes and air bags. 


The $12000 – $13000 Range


There are three cars in this range which might not boast of out of the world looks but are extremely reliable and dependable.


  • The Nissan Versacomes with a base price of about $12000 and also gives a very good mileage of 27 in city driving and 36 in highway driving. It features basic audio systems with audio jacks, spare tires, 6 air bags, tilt steering wheel and air conditioning. However, those expecting power windows and locks, Bluetooth etc. are likely to remain disappointed unless they go for the higher models. One of the main advantages of the Versa is its unusually airy interior.


  • The Chevrolet Spark is another car which comes with a base price of about $12200 and provides an even better mileage of 32 in city driving and 38 in highway driving. It features all the basic features included in the Versa but also comes with an additional 4 air bags. A unique aspect about the Spark is its 5 door style which not only provides a lot of convenience but looks quite good as well.
  • to be continued…

Mahindra 500 XUV: Highly Reputed Car

Just recently, an exotic and mean looking machine by the name of Mahindra 500 XUV has been declared as the “Highly Reputed Auto” by an Indian private agency for news. Since the time of the introduction, the Mahindra 500 XUV has garnered an overall booking of more than 2,500 booking applications.

The Mahindra 500 XUV comes with a style similar to the Cheetah and has also come out with a more enhanced looks inspired by the famous MUV Xylo. With these characteristics, Mahindra 500 XUV gets a new look and shape for the people to see and enjoy.

The Mahindra 500 XUV is a kind of sturdy and strong crossover that comes with an astonishing price of Rs.11.11 lakh in the New Delhi Ex-Showroom. The fact is that Mahindra 500 XUV came out in the market and had tight rivals like Tata aria, Tata Safari, and many others. Fortunately, Mahindra 500 XUV emerged as one of the best sellers and this proved to be an excellent sales experience for the make of the car, Mahindra and Mahindra.

Mitsubishi Sells Electric cars under $30K

Responsive – they work and respond like any regular car steering.
Electric brakes – the i-MiEV electric car comes with brakes that offer you with that realistic and firm pedal feel.
However, users of this new i-MiEV from Mitsubishi should look over the car’s mileage capability. This kind of hatchback is comparable to any other types of electric cars out there, which cannot go any farther even when they’re in full charge.
As a matter of fact, the US government has estimated that the Mitsubishi i-MiEV can go any farther than 62 miles as far as mileage is concerned.
Depending on the kind of charger that you use, charging time can go from seven hours up to twenty-two hours to get fully recharged.
Car lovers who want something practical to use has i-MiEV. And if people have a limited budget then this is an ideal choice for them. This is going to be a very affordable and smart purchase for them because of its good attributes and characteristics.
Mitsubishi offers the i-MiEV electric car at a cool and amazing price of $29,975 and this includes the destination charge. It also comes with a 66hp electric motor, 16kw lid-ion battery, and a single speed, direct car drive transmission.

Mitsubishi Sells Electric Cars Under $30K

Do you have thirty thousand dollars and you’re looking for a car that’s within that price range? If you think this is impossible for a brand new car then you’re wrong. With the Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric car, you can have something very essential to buy with your $30K!
The i-MiEV is an all-electric type of car, which is considered as the cheapest, and the most affordable brand new car in the United States today. With such an exciting price, more and more people will have the opportunity to come up with a car that is not only well priced but irresistible too.
The Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric car is a small type of car that comes with five doors and a very small hood right in the front part of it. The federal government has also rated this fantastic car with a staggering and eye-popping 126/m per gallon. This is the required rating in terms of city driving in the US.
Mitsubishi has offered this kind of car to the consumers not only with an affordable price but with additional bonus as well. Some of these extra bonuses offered by i-MiEV include:
Sensitive steering and Plucky personality – these features are electrically rendered by the i-MiEV electric car.

Chrysler 300 Drives to Gotham City


It’s a new take in marketing and positioning as it veers away from the more urban appeal of the “Imported from Detroit” campaign launched in 2011. The association with the Batman movie franchise will prove to be a good move judging from the estimated $2.6 billion revenue accumulated worldwide ever since the Caped Crusader had its premiere back in 1989. The all-American style of Chrysler 300 is partnered with a tough yet elegant personality. It’s likely for people to visualize this large five-passenger sedan gracing the streets of Bruce Wayne’s neighborhood.
It is expected to see a bump on the Chrysler 300 sales once the promotion and movie release kicks off. Without this marketing strategy, the 300 is still a pretty good choice for consumers who are looking for a sedan with elegant style, luxurious features, and updated powertrain. The 2011 Chrysler 300 came out with a number of downsides but with this year’s edition, most of the issues have been addressed and ironed out.
The Chrysler 300 just doesn’t stop from reinventing itself. Since its debut as a prestigious brand in the 1950s, it has experienced an all-time low when it slid behind other brands for more than 30 years. It picked up the momentum when they launched the 300. It is a no-brainer to think that they only hope for it to stay there.

Valentine’s Meets Easter in the Volkswagen Cabrio

Volkswagen is most famous for its Beetle line of cars, which are affordable for middle class drivers.  However, another model has also proved viable to middle class citizens. The Volkswagen Golf, known to the United States as the Volkswagen Rabbit, has become the popular alternative to the iconic but seemingly outdated Beetle.   For this owner, he owns the convertible version of the Volkswagen Golf, known as Volkswagen Cabrio, and decided to make refreshing upgrades to this version of the Cabrio.
The owner’s concept of upgrading his vehicle was inspired from a can of Coca-Cola. After all, the base color of all its cans is red, and sure enough, the paint job in the Volkswagen Cabrio reflects the red motifs of the famous soft drink brand. Then again, the red color may also be associated to Valentine’s Day, another widely celebrated occasion for lovers at heart. Little changes were made to the rest of the vehicle, except for an improved bumper design. On the performance side, he upgraded the fuel pumps to his car.

U.S. Audi Chief Johan de Nysschen Resigns

After eight years working as the president of Audi US, Johan de Nysschen leaves his position for a new job that is yet to be known. Until the replacement comes, COO Mark Del Rosso will handle the company’s everyday operation.  Upon breaking the news to the public, the resignation immediately takes effect.
Many who have heard the news are surprised because Audi has just announced a 10% increase in its sales last month. On a more specific note, the car company sold more than 11,000 units. According to the records, it is the best May for Audi US. It is also their fifth best month in the market, ever.
The 52 year-old Nysschen started working as the boss for Audi US in 2004. Also, he held top positions for the company when it was brought to Japan and South Africa, his native land. During his time, the company was able to see a significant growth in its sales and image awareness. We can remember that Audi became a key player in commercials for Super Bowl. In 2011 alone, Audi’s piece of cake from the luxury market grew from 5.3% to 9.5%.
In his email to the workers for Audi, he explained that the twists and turns that fill up life can bring a person in to an unexpected conjuncture.  In this instance, what he believes to happen in real life is happening to him. He also said that Audi has been his car since 1973, and would have never imagined not having Audi in the center of his life.
Nysschen made it clear that his resignation has nothing to do with the reorganization of senior positions in the company. His reason for leaving is related to a realization about the future leadership that Audi needs. He believes that a new leadership will help the company become the most inspirational car brand in the US. According to him, Audi is in a new inflection point in the continuous progress of the brand in the United States and this new tone demands a leadership that has new philosophies and insights that are more appropriate for this new phase.
Although he wanted Audi to win, he needed to secure his life too. He said that he must play according to his strengths and look for a new “construction site.” Such opportunity has been presented to him this time, and he is ready to face new challenges.

GM Postpones SAE Standard Implementation.2

It can be recalled that SAE came up with the standards to help consumers in comparing towing ratings of trucks.   Consumers often make comparisons before making a purchase but without a standard rate to base on, they may have a hard time finding the right vehicle for them. To address this situation, SAE, in a meeting with manufacturers and suppliers in the towing industry, set a standard aimed at helping customers compare cars, crossovers, and pickups that have a gross weight of 13,000 pounds.

After the J2807 was announced, several truck manufacturers launched recalculations in their fleets to see how they can implement the standard. GM put the towing numbers of its latest Silverado and Sierra under recalculations and found out some adjustments might be needed. Toyota, on the other hand, decided to follow most of the procedures and standards in its 2011 Tundra and Tacoma, as well as its SUV fleet. With Ford, the 2013 Fusion and Escape and other new models were recalculated. The J2807’s effect on Ford’s F-Series pickup is something that analysts are interested in, as they await Ford’s move in this matter. Nissan and Honda are among the manufacturers that are yet to release their plans involving their 2013 line-up but experts don’t expect any major changes in their numbers.

GM Postpones SAE Standard Implementation.1

A towing rating standard made by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) for truck manufacturers has hit a snag. General Motors (GM) recently announced that it is postponing its implementation of J2807, which sets the standard and procedures for towing ratings and gross combined weight ratings. GM said in a statement that it will hold back from implementing J2807 fully until all the other pickup truck manufacturers are following the said standards. The announcement was made after competitor Ford decided not to apply the standards to its entire fleet of pickup trucks before the release of its new models. The release, however, is not expected to happen anytime soon. Ford’s decision is seen as the reason why GM reacted that way. Fast car.

In a statement, GM said that J2807 will not be used in its 2013 model in order to avoid confusion in the part of consumers. The manufacturer believes that following the standards may confuse consumers in comparing vehicles that are also used for trailering. GM competitors will remain using their existing ratings in their latest models and the manufacturer is worried that changing theirs at this time may affect consumers’ purchasing decision in a negative way.