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Volkswagen Caravelle

Volks Caravelle Business-Volkswagen Caravelle Transformation

The exterior has so far has changed so much with its windows all tinted. It’s very easy to notice its darkened rear lights and its 17-inch wheels. Being in a tight space, its fold able wing mirrors will find more space for parking and that’s not manually but done electronically. It has a rear parking sensor that will drive away fears when approaching a lamp post. The luminous Xenon lights automatically light up in the front rear creating luminous image for the Caravelle. A camera function as a rear mirror is just one of Transporter 5 high tech features. It has the amazing LED daytime running lights and sliding side doors that function electronically.

Volkswagen transporter series have come in different variants based on Volkswagen Group’s T platform and transporter 5 is the fifth generation of the series of van that have been world’ favorite van. The van has been since it debuted 60 years ago, named T1, T2, T3, and T4. The later was superseded by T5, the fifth generation of the Transporter series that has become a new trademark of Volkswagen transporter family. Volkswagen Commercial transporters on the other hand still continue to deliver the load that has been its trademark for many decades. Each transporter series are ideally equipped to meet the needs of the industry that has been faithful and kind in patronizing Volkswagen transporter family.