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Monthly Archives: March 2013

The 2014 Mini JWC Paceman Rekindles Faith In The JCW Brand

2014  JCW Paceman 1The 2014 version of the JCW Paceman somewhat rekindled one’s faith in the John Cooper Works brand. The Paceman is a beauty of a machine and has again interested buyers into looking into the JCW portfolio after products such as the JCW Countryman threatened to almost tarnish the company. The Paceman is not only quicker and lighter than the Countryman, but also looks really good.

The Engine And Car Specifications

The JCW Paceman is fitted with the 1.6 liter 4 cylinder turbo charged engine and provides an output of 215 horsepower and 221 lb – ft of torque. 2014  JCW Paceman Added to the combination of an all wheel drive and 17 / 18 inch Pirelli Sottozero Winter 210 series 2 tires, the vehicle manages to provide a great thrill to the drivers and is also extremely smooth to drive. Moreover, the Paceman seems to thrive off the electronic assist steering which made the other models manufactured by JCW suffer. It is also able to offer much better directional stability than all other previous models. The Paceman found all across America comes with a more rigid and lower sport suspension and is still some way from the ones found in Europe which are the closest to representing an extremely dynamic powerhouse. Finally, the Paceman boasts of top speeds of 127 mph and its pliable sidewalls greatly help with noise reduction. Perfectly placed Mini Accessories and Parts from CARiD.com only elevate this authentic effect.

The Interiors Of The JCW Paceman

The interiors of the JCW Paceman have also been completely refurnished. One can now expect a cute interior giving out a sporty look with its red colored detailing. The power window switches have also been relocated to the doors and the interior feels much more functional and compact. Priced at about $36000, the Paceman has been interesting numerous buyers into buying it.

Sales of Mid-Sized Trucks and Cars Gaining Within the US

Why did the Americans rely upon small cars?
2013 Honda FitFuel consumption is a matter of concern for many Americans. Throughout the years, they relied upon small sized cars in order to keep up with the ever-rising gas prices. However, that traditional trend appears to be reversing the passage of time. The statistics released by various automobile unions are pointing to the fact that more and more Americans now prefer to own a mid-sized sedan that offers high fuel efficiency. People hold on to the age-old conventional thought systems that big cars tend to offer low mileage. The technology incorporated into the automobile sector has been evolving throughout the many years. We now have access to large cars whose mileage we can compare with their smaller siblings.
An insight into the sales figures
The gasoline prices will remain high and it will only rise in the times to come. Toyota Yaris For the very first time, the automobile companies are reporting that they are experiencing sluggish sales with their small cars. At the same time, they are reporting a surge in the sales of the large or mid-sized cars from their stables. For the sake of illustration, the sales of the Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris fell more than seven percentage in the past few months. At the same time, the sales of mid-sized cars from the two companies rose by more than eight percentage.
The effects of improving fuel efficiency in mid-size cars
Mid-sized cars such as Ford Fusion and Honda Accord are once again finding favor in the minds of the average American. Throughout the past few years, both of the companies have done their share of homework in augmenting the mileage of both of these mid-sized cars. How does improving the fuel efficiency of their mid-sized cars enable in accelerating the overall sales?
The customers will love the fact that they are able to save their hard earned money every time they fill up their car
This ability to save money comes without any signs of compromises – such as drastic reductions in the overall size of the car
Ford FusionThere used to be a period when compact sedans were in charge. Many of the mid-sized cars that are available today boast of higher mileage than the majority of the compact sedans that are available more than five years ago. In addition, some of the later studies indicate that the consumers adapt themselves very well with the sharp rises in the gasoline prices. Previously, there existed an unthinking reaction to such sharp rises in the gasoline prices.
People do their homework before buying cars
One should also bear in mind that the sales of mid-sized trucks are also accelerating these days. A recent study indicated that the sales of mid-sized trucks rose by 10.7 percentage to 11.9 percentage during the past one year itself. Ironically, the sales of vehicles that help people to save money on gasoline reduced drastically. In fact, the sales of vehicles such as Toyota Prius fell by more than fourteen percentage according to some estimates. Automobile analysts also hold on to the opinion that people are taking much informed purchasing decisions because most of them with their share of homework on the Internet before visiting the showrooms to buy a car.

Some Of The Best Automobiles In The Lower Price Categories

The $13000 – $14000 Range

One can find great cars with proven track records within this range. 

The first car which comes to mind is the Ford Fiesta with a base price of $13200. It boasts of a mileage of 29 for city driving and 39 for highway driving. The main features include tilt steering wheel from CARiD.com, audio systems with input jack, 7 air bags, intermittent wipers and air conditioning. One of the main disadvantages is that the base version does not come with power windows or locks. The main USP of the car is that it offers an extremely pleasurable drive and the interiors are quite good for the price. However, the rear seat may feel a bit cramped for some. 

The second option is the Kia Rio. It comes with a mileage of 29 for city drive and 37 for highway driving and is likely to have a base price of $13600. Its main features include Bluetooth, steering wheel mounted audio systems, tilt steering wheel, air conditioning, 6 speed transmission and intermittent wipers. The biggest advantage with the car is that it does not compromise on style in any manner. 

The $14000 – $15000 Range

One can find great cars when looking for options in this range. 

The most popular vehicle in this category is the Chevrolet Sonic. It comes with a base price of about $14200 and provides a mileage of 26 / 35 m.p.g. The main features include Bluetooth, audio systems with jack, 10 air bags, power door locks, air conditioning and steering wheel mounted audio controls. The biggest selling point for the Sonic is its amazing interiors.

Other options worth checking are the Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Accent and the Mazda 2.