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Car Accessories

Mahindra 500 XUV: Highly Reputed Car

Just recently, an exotic and mean looking machine by the name of Mahindra 500 XUV has been declared as the “Highly Reputed Auto” by an Indian private agency for news. Since the time of the introduction, the Mahindra 500 XUV has garnered an overall booking of more than 2,500 booking applications.

The Mahindra 500 XUV comes with a style similar to the Cheetah and has also come out with a more enhanced looks inspired by the famous MUV Xylo. With these characteristics, Mahindra 500 XUV gets a new look and shape for the people to see and enjoy.

The Mahindra 500 XUV is a kind of sturdy and strong crossover that comes with an astonishing price of Rs.11.11 lakh in the New Delhi Ex-Showroom. The fact is that Mahindra 500 XUV came out in the market and had tight rivals like Tata aria, Tata Safari, and many others. Fortunately, Mahindra 500 XUV emerged as one of the best sellers and this proved to be an excellent sales experience for the make of the car, Mahindra and Mahindra.

Chrysler 300 Drives to Gotham City

The spotlight will once again be turned to Chrysler as the brand ties up with one of the much-awaited films of the year, The Dark Knight Rises, from the ever-popular Batman series. Yes, the luxury sedan will be coasting from Detroit to Gotham City just in time for the July 2012 release of the Batman prequel. With its unmistakably grand exterior, which exudes a dark and strong vibe, Chrysler 300 is the best bet for this movie.
Chrysler has announced its intention to allow people to come up with an original TV spot featuring Batman and Chrysler 300. The “Imported from Gotham City” contest will definitely produce the publicity intended for the brand. Interested participants will include Chrysler 300 footage, snippets from the movie, and musical scoring from the trailer to complete their TV spot entry. The director, producer, and writer of the film, Christopher Nolan will personally handpick the winner after the public places their votes. The chosen entry will be awarded TV airtime just around the time the movie premieres in July.

Valentine’s Meets Easter in the Volkswagen Cabrio

The interior of the vehicle is dominated by white hues.  The seats of the Cabrio were covered with white cotton seat covers, while changing the convertible colors to white. The dashboard and the steering wheel were left untouched, which unfortunately does not improve the appearance at all of his vehicle. The white motifs inside were made to evoke the Easter holiday and references to a white rabbit, which is an icon of Easter. He did upgrade the stereo system of his vehicle, replacing the old FM radio console with a modern one equipped with an MP3 and CD player. With that said, his newly customized Volkswagen Cabrio is ready to flaunt the road.
It is unfortunate that little changes were made to his vehicle besides the paint job, seat and convertible covers, but a lot of auto news suggests that it is not bad at all to refurbish and improve your vehicle with a particular product or brand as inspiration. Usually they are of a more popular and iconic type, which is an easy way to get an idea for the exterior tuning. Examples of these include pop music artists, Hollywood actors, films or musical creations, brands, franchises and organizations. No matter the trademark, car owners often tell the custom specialists that their vehicles need to be customized with a theme inspired from popular culture. Again, there is nothing wrong with that.
This owner takes his softdrink-inspired Volkswagen Cabrio to the road, and as he drives his newly customized red car, owners may be thinking of other ways to freshen up vehicles through a good reference of pop culture.

Valentine’s Meets Easter in the Volkswagen Cabrio

Volkswagen is most famous for its Beetle line of cars, which are affordable for middle class drivers.  However, another model has also proved viable to middle class citizens. The Volkswagen Golf, known to the United States as the Volkswagen Rabbit, has become the popular alternative to the iconic but seemingly outdated Beetle.   For this owner, he owns the convertible version of the Volkswagen Golf, known as Volkswagen Cabrio, and decided to make refreshing upgrades to this version of the Cabrio.
The owner’s concept of upgrading his vehicle was inspired from a can of Coca-Cola. After all, the base color of all its cans is red, and sure enough, the paint job in the Volkswagen Cabrio reflects the red motifs of the famous soft drink brand. Then again, the red color may also be associated to Valentine’s Day, another widely celebrated occasion for lovers at heart. Little changes were made to the rest of the vehicle, except for an improved bumper design. On the performance side, he upgraded the fuel pumps to his car.

Volks Caravelle Business-Volkswagen Caravelle Transformation

The exterior has so far has changed so much with its windows all tinted. It’s very easy to notice its darkened rear lights and its 17-inch wheels. Being in a tight space, its fold able wing mirrors will find more space for parking and that’s not manually but done electronically. It has a rear parking sensor that will drive away fears when approaching a lamp post. The luminous Xenon lights automatically light up in the front rear creating luminous image for the Caravelle. A camera function as a rear mirror is just one of Transporter 5 high tech features. It has the amazing LED daytime running lights and sliding side doors that function electronically.

Volkswagen transporter series have come in different variants based on Volkswagen Group’s T platform and transporter 5 is the fifth generation of the series of van that have been world’ favorite van. The van has been since it debuted 60 years ago, named T1, T2, T3, and T4. The later was superseded by T5, the fifth generation of the Transporter series that has become a new trademark of Volkswagen transporter family. Volkswagen Commercial transporters on the other hand still continue to deliver the load that has been its trademark for many decades. Each transporter series are ideally equipped to meet the needs of the industry that has been faithful and kind in patronizing Volkswagen transporter family.

Volks Caravelle Business-Volkswagen Caravelle Transformation

If there’s one big transformation event, Volkswagen Caraville Business or Transporter 5 is a big winner. What used to be the favorite ride of the 50’s hippies and the happy-go lucky people of the 70’s, this Volkswagen transporter T2 has transformed into a high-tech hub for the executives who loves the luxury of the modern car technology.

What used to be a big symbol of life, peace and love, Volkswagen Caravelle business is now a symbol of luxury and high-end living that is associated with executives circles. It is a conference room on the wheels complete with 5+1 Nappa leather seats and a table and Wi-Fi internet connectivity and Bluetooth. The Caravelle transporter 5 has a standard mid-row swivels that accommodates power point focused meeting plus inserts of burr woods in every corner or nook. To ensure passenger’s safety, there’s plenty of curtain airbags. You can’t call it a homey without a homey food so in between its rear end seats, the fridge is there to keep all food and drinks stuff.

The 2012 Acura NSX

In January, the new concept of the upcoming 2012 Acura NSX was announced in the North American Auto Show 2012. The new Acura NSX is considered to be the next generation Honda NSX concept in progress. On the other hand, previous concepts remained in the new Acura NSX. The previous model is a mid-engine, all-wheel drive coupe with 2 doors. These features are being adopted in the new prototype. Meanwhile, the new concept is much lighter compared to its predecessor. The integration of the light materials and contemporary platform enhances the overall weight of the vehicle. Acura NSX added an electric motor, which creates a hybrid-type of vehicle. It is integrated in the dual clutch transmission that delivers the most excellent fuel economy.
Initially, the new model was based on the Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept publicly released in 2007. In 2010, the model was called the Honda HSV-010 GT. It runs in 3.4-liter B-8 engine with 500 horsepower. During the last quarter of 2010, it was reported that the NSX successor will be created by Honda. The new concept of the Acura NSX has always been rumored to come out within this year. In fact, the new concept was dubbed as the NSX second generation model. It is fully-equipped with the V-6 hybrid power train with an all-wheel drive formula. The eco-friendly Acura NSX is composed of 3 different electric motors to boost the vehicle’s speed. On the other hand, the engine’s horsepower was not yet revealed to the public. Meanwhile, the aerodynamic design improves the overall handling of the new Acura NSX.
The 2012 Acura NSX provides the most excellent car acceleration with the new all-wheel drive system. Honda offers the VTEC system (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) system. The hybrid setup is one of the primary highlights of the new concept. Some people claimed that the idea of the Acura’s hybrid sports car was first created for a famous Hollywood actor. People spotted a unique Acura car in the set of the film the Avengers. Robert Downey Jr. was seen to be driving an exclusive Acura NSX made just for him. Today, several television advertisements are being aired in the United States alone. However, the production of the second-gen NSX will be offered by 2015. The production of the new Acura NSX is set to be built in Marysville, Ohio. The 2015 second generation NSX model is expected to be released by 2014.

Nissan Juke News 

Nissan Juke: Touted as the Urban Proof of the Super minis
Nissan Juke, considered as the most extreme and the smallest member of the Nissan’s range of crossover cars is touted as the “urban proof” among the other super mini cars of today. We have tried to see the car ourselves and had seen it lined up with other four cars occupying the same amount of space fiscally and physically. Nissan Juke

The Cube shares its space with the Juke; the Note is a little different from its siblings known as B-segments; the Thick C Pillar hampers visibility. The scattershot strategy conducted shows that Nissan Juke actually deserves to be called as such.

The Nissan Juke sits on a similar platform like the Cube and Note. The three are all within 155 millimeters of their lengths. The Tiida on the other hand sits on a similar space that is extended and this has also formed Micra’s basis. This gives us the point of view that their corresponding characters make them different from one another.
There was a point in time that the Cube has been described by the car’s designer as a car that seems to stand still even when it’s moving. However, the Nissan Juke’s chest that is puffed out, glass house that seems to look like a turret and rear tail that looks like a boat are enough reasons for this car model to compete with the other larger bullies.

As of this car’s aesthetic appeal, Nissan Juke comes with a terrific appeal at the kerbside, which can never be unmistakable, even in the traffic or even when it is being driven by. The car’s DRG is stratified and its blister lamps fender top is considered as something unique in the see of different cars.

The car’s rear elevation is much better along with its lamp graphics, which emphasize the car’s bustle butt and wide hips. Even the Jude’s lower bumper does not spoil the SUV vibe. Many would claim that this flamboyance level hasn’t been accessed before until now.

Nissan Jude’s center console, which has been “motorcycle inspired” and its driving fin cards for its doors, are definitely positioned in the right lines but they give the feeling of being tokenistic and they can’t be seen when you are driving.

So, for those people out there who are looking for a car, which they can brag to other then the Nissan Jude is a great choice for them.


GM Announces Stoppage of Volt Production

General Motors gives another means to idle some 1,300 workers when everything seems to be brighter for the auto industry. The automaker has announced it will be halting its production of Chevy Volt for five weeks because of low sales.  The shutdown will start from March 19 until April 23 and gave no indication the shutdown will be extended or not. It was relatively a disappointing move as electric cars have been on the showdown and have grabbed the limelight when increased sales and public interest showed signs of hopes.
It was in 2010 when the automaker got the public attention when it launched the Chevy Volt filled with glitters and grandeurs. The Chevy did not perform well in terms of sales and performance when just recently it incurred high fire risk issue. It was a blow dealt with poor sales results.
Chevy Volt is one of the hopefuls among electric cars dealing with the fuel-efficiency issues and auto enthusiasts have put high preference on it but Volts appeal seem to dwindle fast. Observers blamed it to its high price tag and consumers are quick to shift to cheaper brands of the same fuel-efficiency promise. Chevy Volt is placed at high $41,000 and a generous $7,500 tax credit did not boost its appeal.
Volt is not alone in poor sales performance and has Nissan Leaf for a company when the Japanese car only sold 1,154 units a little more down compared to Volts 1,203 units.  Both electric cars have high hopes for 2012 and still hoping to reap the fruit of their hard works in the next quarters of the 2012.
Auto Economist like Lacey Planche is quick to note that Volts poor sales reflect that consumer’s interest and appeal for Volt’s type of car is not that high and results in its failure to lure car enthusiasts to buy it. It could have account to poor marketing and fire risk issues.
Volt is still trying to dispose an oversupply of 6,000 units with 154 units per day that need to be sold. The figure is seen as a big challenge to GM thus the decision to stop production comes as a rescue. But GM is assuring people in the industry that the production will be temporary as GM and all electric car automakers are very hopeful that electric cars is the answer to the continuing gas price hike. GM is committed to make electric cars as the car for the future and it has no intention of backing off.