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Chevy Cruze

Steaming Automobile News of the United States of America

News are around us 24 hours 7 days a week but the most fascinating news about the vehicles, their designs, and new technologies are the facts we humans long to know about. All these facts emerge from one of the most renowned place i.e. the United States of America Day changes in the automobile industry, rise and falls in the techniques and many other things are conveyed to us through news. This keeps us updated and up-to-date with the happenings in the world.  Chevrolet Cruze
Skoda introduces third generation Octavia with a 4 x 4 Combi –
The latest Skoda release is available in three variants: two diesel engines of 1.6L TDI and 2L TDI and 1 petrol engine of 1.8L TSI. It also provides fuel consumptions at the rate of 4.5L/100 km and 6.7L/100 km. The 4×4 Combi has a Haldex-5 clutch fitted which is useful in saving fuel and also offering more power on the front axle. The car is going to be in the market till June 2013 with an Electronic Differential Lock (EDL).
Chevrolet launches the revamped version of Cruze E-85
Chevrolet introduces Cruze engine with new software and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) which allows the car to use pure gasoline with 85% of Ethanol. Not only this, it also has 1.8L ECOTEC overhead camshafts engine which are mated with six automatic speed transmissions. We get about 141 HP at 6200 RPM and 177 lb-ft torque, New features also include front and rear bumper, front grille, coupe-like proportions with reduced drag.
BYD to open electric bus plant in California
Finally, the Chinese automobile maker has fulfilled its dream of planting an Iron-Phosphate energy module in the California city of Lancaster, US. The electric bus also known as K9 is aimed to achieve 155 miles distance. It also focuses on initially producing 50 buses a year which would gradually increase to a 1000 buses in a decade or two.