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Ford Edge

Next Ford Edge to Launch in LA Soon

Yes! The good news has finally come up. Earlier not so popular car which later tremendously bought changes in its technology will soon be launching globally. Thinking about which can am I talking about. It’s none other than the new Ford Edge Though the car was popular earlier but there were some of the technical issues which the car had come up which made it quote annoying. However, now here is the good news. The car is back in action.
More about Ford Edge
Earlier the car was launched in 2011. However, it did not get much attention in previous years due to some other competition and technical issues as well. However, now the car is all ready to poll out with extremely new concept. It will be first launched in LA for the first look. Car freaks you need to have some more patience to watch out for this amazing concept that I am sure will set back other cars soon. The first look of the car is expected to be arrived in the February.
More about the car
This mid- size cross rover SUV car is designed and manufactured by Ford and is said be one of the finest example of the good design and food technology so far. When this car was released, there were few of the other cars released for its competition like the Edge and Mazda CX-9 which gained more popularity than this car.
Know the features
Four- and six-cylinder engines
All-wheel drive
It comes in SE, SEL, Limited and Sport tri
Freestyle and fashionable too
Excellent handling
Audio input jack
A 3.7-liter V6
Single-zone air conditioning system
With so many features the car is expected to launch soon by the year 2015 in the market globally along with few more changes and addition. Let us hope for the best from this car in optimistic way. Certainly, it would set a fine example of flair driving machine that would be launched in the market. Fingers crooked for its new release. The car is first expected to be released in all Europe global market.