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Ford Mustang GT 500

Ford Mustang GT 500- Achieving the Success at a High Rate

There are many brands that have been selling some of the amazing scope of actions and features based car at a great value. Though they have been proved a tough competition for each other, one of the popular models designed by ford called the Mustang is something that you should not give it a miss. Built by Shelby American, GT 500 is the higher performance car which is considered as the developed version of the mustang.
Ford Mustang GT 500 a Must one to Have
The very first GT model of mustang was sold in the year 1967 and was sold along with the GT 350 version. Both these cars were designed by Carroll Shelby. In its older version the car has limited availability of the 428 engine. It was later added with the feature of convertible model which was later released in 1968.
GT 500 is a next-gen Ford Mustang with an advanced technologies and great speed. It has been also in news for being tested near Ford’s SVT operations. The car is known for high performance and great comfort which is rare to be found in other car. Besides, there are some of the additional features which you can enjoy. Take a look at the features of the high performance car that would keep your eyes wide open.
Features to Look for
Shelby-spec wheels
Dual-pod instrument gauges
Fine interior touches
Quad exhaust outlets
Beefier brakes
Muscular, sculptured exterior design
Though the car has managed to meet all the improvements, the ford is planning to improve it in better way. It offers amazing interiors and exteriors services that designing concept that are eye catching besides is available at a great value. It is one of the best examples of classic Mustang heritage. Watch out some of its images to look at the model.