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The Testing of the Segway like Winglet by Toyota Begins in Japan

Toyota has been coming up with various kinds of innovative machines very frequently. Not only high performance cars by the company have also made great contributions to the market by manufacturing small utility vehicles. They have tried out various experiments with the wheels. The main aim of the company is to manufacture safe vehicles. This will increase the mobility of the common people to a great extent.

The current scenario

There are many people have kept themselves away from driving vehicles because they think that will commit some kind of accident. But the motor car manufacturing companies like Toyota have been always concerned with the safety of the people who are riding their vehicles. The individuals and other companies have been always in search of small vehicles that would help them in moving around their campus. Keeping this in mind Toyota is planning to come with a two-wheeled vehicle. This will resemble a Segway.

Facts about the vehicle

The company first announced the launch of this vehicle almost five years ago.
Various questions have arisen about the speed of the vehicle. It is able to offer a top speed of just four miles per hour. Thus the company is trying their best to improve the speed of this small vehicle. Once that is done there will be no question regarding the productivity of the vehicle.
The Winglet was announced by Toyota in 2008. Since that time the vehicle was put to various kinds of testing in the streets of Japan. Even the public was allowed to use it.
The vehicle has been appreciated by many because it provides ease of mobility and safety to the person driving it.

This fun vehicle can be used to travel almost six miles with a single charge. The battery does not take more than an hour to get recharged again.

The Multimedia System Challenge Between Toyota and Ford

The operating system of Entune is connected to the mobile phone used by the driver in accessing Toyota’s applications store, streaming audios and downloading program updates.  With the use of your blackberry, Iphone or android phone as you data connection, Entune then offers link access to different media or entertainment services as earlier mentioned. Moreover, Entune system likewise features HD radio, old-school radio channel, XM satellite radio, Bluetooth, as well as a USB port where you can connect any audio device or ipods.
It has been said that, with voice enable recognition, this can reduce the possibility of drivers getting distracted. Applying this type of interface plus the touch screen prompting on smart phones are innovations that are integrated to one. Besides that, whichever mobile network or system carrier that is providing you, it can work well with this Toyota Entune. Although, in some locations, there might be service disruptions, yet this is very minimal as part of any mobile phone network’s nature.

The Multimedia System Challenge Between Toyota and Ford

The entertainment media and mobile market is no doubt making a bomb blast in the United States. By means of smartphones that was anticipated to surpass the sales of basic mobile phones from last year’s sales is an indication that many people will be using mobile applications when browsing the internet, listening to music, and more or less when they are in a lookout of entertaining themselves.
With the unstoppable innovation and rising of versatility of mobile phones, Toyota intends to take advantage of this trend through Entune. This is an innovative system bringing and combining some famous media applications jointly in a single easy to access car arrangement, with the use of smartphones as the link or connection.
Entune is offering its services and applications with several content sources such as Pandora, Bing, Open Table, MovieTickets, and Iheartradio and it is offered as part in the navigation tech service package in the Prius V, Tacoma, and Toyota Camry.
Indeed, with this Entune system, Toyota is considered battling with Ford’s systems – Myford touch and Sync that were both premiered in 2007 through Microsoft’s support. Further, Ford lately made an update of their system integrating the use of smartphones. On the other hand, Hyundai will have a launching of the “Blue Link” wherein its features include pay-to-play navigation support, speech-to-text messaging, geography fencing and speed alert (this support notifies guardians and parents in case their young children’s car lost or away from a predetermined spot), and BL’s real-time traffic info.

Toyota 2012 Camry Introduced  

Just recently, the Toyota 2012 Camry was launched and it did get a spectacular response from the public. In fact, the 2012 Camry is considered as Toyota Camry’s sixth model and this one is expected to create a great momentum in this year of the blue dragon.  True to the sense of the year’s Chinese name, the 2012 Camry will surely make it to the top and make it well in the car market as the water dragon surges higher and higher to give spectacular manifestations to the car enthusiasts.

The introduction of the 2012 Camry has actually followed the launching of other models such as the new Avanza and the Prius C along with the three of the freshest in the car market like the Yaris, Land Cruiser 200, and Innova. The launching event was witnessed by the public, particularly car enthusiasts, at the Sofitel Hotel Philippine Plaza.

Basing from its global market, the Camry edition of Toyota is already on its thirtieth anniversary in this year. As a matter of fact, the Philippines only got its very first and only Camry edition sometime in 1996, which was that time, Camry took the place of Corona, which was venerable during those days while Exsior was basically the last of its variant that time.

When the Toyota Camry was introduced in the Philippines during that particular year, its name plate was already tagged on its 6th generation particularly in other place where this edition from Toyota was popularly marketed. So, this basically means that the entry of Camry in the Philippines was completely late because the Camry model that has entered the Philippine car market was already on its 6th generation. Obviously, the other first five generations weren’t introduced to the Philippine market due to various reasons coming from the Toyota Company, perhaps.

However, the launching of the 6th generation Camry model in the Philippines in 1996 was quite successful and it was followed by another very successful model sometime in 2001 and another one again sometime in 2006. The Toyota Company has basically followed the market direction of such car models the Asian way most particularly to the 2006 up to the 2012 model. However, the company made sure that all of the Camry models share the same kind of engineering and architecture like the ones sold in the United States.

The launching of the Camry XV50 2012-2013 is touted as the launching of the 3rd generation of Camry in the Philippines.